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In South Park, the Successful Eat Bacon at Denny’s

by Spam · May 27th, 2011 · Weird

If you saw this week’s episode of South Park, you saw further proof of what we all already know: when things are successful, the successful eat bacon. In this clip, Eric Cartman celebrates the successful launch of his new project with a tasty meal from the Baconalia menu at Denny’s.

“Somebody’s gotta eat all that bacon, Kyle. Might as well be us.”

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My First Bacon: You’ve Got a Friend in Meat!

by Spam · November 10th, 2010 · Weird

My First BaconOnline geek retailer ThinkGeek has a long history of introducing April Fools items that become so popular that they finally are made as real products. We’ve seen this happen with their 8-Bit Tie, the Personal Soundtrack Shirt, and most famously, the Tauntaun sleeping bag. Today, we got word directly from their official PR agency about the latest joke-turned-real product: My First Bacon!

It’s a plush likeness of the happiest strip of bacon you’ll ever see, 19 inches tall, with a mechanical animated mouth, and when you squeeze him, he proudly proclaims, “I’m bacon!” It’s a loveable, hugglable, snuggle-ready way to remind yourself that bacon truly makes everything better…and refrigeration isn’t necessary!

We can’t think of a better way for loyal baconists to create some excitement aside the Christmas tree or the menorah this holiday season. It’s also a great tool to have with you at times when you most need a feeling of comfort and happiness, such as boring meetings at work and torturous visits with the in-laws. Parents, pair one of these up your child, and he or she will grow up learning where to turn for true happiness in life.

Squeeze it, love it, share it with your friends. Just don’t eat it.

It’s available now from ThinkGeek for a mere $19.99.

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Will Baconnaise Kill the Bacon Craze?

by Spam · July 23rd, 2010 · News

We’re not normally the type to pick on another blogger, but someone hasn’t done their research.

A blog post written today by Laura Shunk at Westword, Denver’s free arts weekly, points to five things that are supposedly going to spell the end of bacon-mania, and the item at the top of the list is Baconnaise, the authentic bacon-flavored sandwich spread by the guys who first made their mark with Bacon Salt.

Bacon aioli, fine. Bacon fat vinaigrette? Sounds great. But the second Baconnaise hit the mass market, it was a sign that bacon-laced dressings have been stripped down to their most vulgar common denominator. This gnarly stuff doesn’t even need to be refrigerated until after opening, but it’s full of meat. Botulism? Trichinosis? What?

There are a LOT of things wrong with this statement, some of which we touched on in a comment below that blog post:

If you’d done your research, you’d know that Baconnaise, like its sister product Bacon Salt, has no meat in it…for the very reasons you’re harping about.

Also…if the union of bacon and mayonnaise is so “vulgar” and “gnarly”, then why are they always found together on one of America’s most common sandwiches, the BLT?

We, on behalf of bacon lovers everywhere, graciously accept your backpedaling and apologies. 🙂

Baconists, we invite you to visit the article now and chime in for yourself!  (We’re especially fond of the first comment, penned by “Anonymous”.  Pure gold, it is.)

UPDATE: Laura Shunk responded to our comment about her blog post, and our buddy from the The Bacon Nation also chimed in.  Read the developments and add your two cents!

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It’s For The Nose, Not For The Tummy

by Spam · July 1st, 2010 · Weird

Baconnaise fan Dawn Foster found this little gem on the wikipedia page for a nasal spray for allergies:

The Wikipedia page for Beconase

(via Bacon Salt)

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Bacon & Beer Happy Hour XI: The Sizzle Will Be Televised

by Spam · July 1st, 2010 · Bacon & Beer Happy Hour

Food Paradise on the Travel ChannelIf you follow the Ministry of Bacon or Bad Decisions on Twitter, you might have caught wind of the news that the popular Baltimore dive bar is hosting yet another Bacon & Beer Happy Hour.  You may also remember that we just hosted a Bacon & Beer Happy Hour at Bad Decisions just last week.  So why do it again so soon?

The Travel Channel, that’s why.

After we had already announced Bacon & Beer Happy Hour X, the Travel Channel came a-callin’ and said they’d like to feature Bad Decisions in a show called “Food Paradise”, which picks a favorite kind of food and visits the places that do it the best.  They were getting ready to do an episode on bacon, and purely by word of mouth, they found out about our Bacon & Beer Happy Hour.  Would we do it all over again for the benefit of their cameras?  You bet we would!

If you’ll be in or near Baltimore today, join the party anytime after 5:00 p.m.  The guest chefs from our last two Bacon & Beer Happy Hours will be teaming up to dish out the best items from each of their past menus, plus some fantastic new creations.  The bar will be serving up anything you want to drink (even if you’re not in the mood for a bacon cocktail).

Click here for the Facebook event page for tonight’s shindig.

UPDATE: The Baltimore Sun‘s nightlife blog, Midnight Sun, has posted the menu for tonight’s Bacon & Beer Happy Hour.

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