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Elvis Pancakes

by Spam · October 14th, 2009 · 3 Comments · Eats

Here’s yet more evidence that Baltimore is the bacon capital of the East Coast. This dish at the Golden West Cafe, known as “Elvis Pancakes” (or “Lisa Marie Pancakes” if you want a half order), is described as follows:

“Two enormous buttermilk pancakes with smoked, thick-sliced applewood bacon inside. Topped with sauteed bananas, honey, and peanut butter.”


The pancakes were huge and fluffy, the bananas were soft like little yellow clouds, and the peanut butter and honey mixed into a potion almost (but not quite) too sweet to bear. (Why they also gave us a side of maple syrup is beyond our comprehension.)

“But what about that bacon?” you ask. The bacon itself was spectacular; our High Priestess Anna thought it was a bit too smoky for her taste, but it was certainly high-quality bacon, well-cooked but still just chewy enough to allow the full flavor to come through. However…we had to admit, it was a bit out of place in the dish. It’s kind of like having William Shatner at a college house party: didn’t really fit in perfectly with everything else that was going on, but an awesome addition to the scene that you wouldn’t even think of turning away.

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