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Invent Your Own Flavor of Bacon and Name It After Yourself

by Spam · October 14th, 2009 · 1 Comment · News

Have you ever wanted to develop your very own custom flavor of bacon, made from heritage-breed pork or lamb belly, using only the most sustainable sources available?  Of course you have.

Now, what if you could do that, and have the resulting flavor of bacon named after you?

GOOD reports that there’s a new project on Kickstarter devised by The Ethical Butcher that allows you to do all of that, if you’re willing to donate to its cause.  According to the site, those who are willing to pitch in $50 “will be able to choose between over twenty flavors OR request their own unique flavor, even add their own special ingredients. A short consultation is included in every custom-cure order.”  Furthermore, since you get to name the resulting creation, “customers will know your name and maybe you’ll create the future best-selling flavor!”

Until The Ethical Butcher can figure its way through the USDA regulations maze, your custom bacon will only be available at farmer’s markets in Portand, Oregon, but if you have friends in that area, they will theoretically be able to ask for it by name…your name.

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