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Bacon & Beer Happy Hour XI: The Sizzle Will Be Televised

by Spam · July 1st, 2010 · 2 Comments · Bacon & Beer Happy Hour

Food Paradise on the Travel ChannelIf you follow the Ministry of Bacon or Bad Decisions on Twitter, you might have caught wind of the news that the popular Baltimore dive bar is hosting yet another Bacon & Beer Happy Hour.  You may also remember that we just hosted a Bacon & Beer Happy Hour at Bad Decisions just last week.  So why do it again so soon?

The Travel Channel, that’s why.

After we had already announced Bacon & Beer Happy Hour X, the Travel Channel came a-callin’ and said they’d like to feature Bad Decisions in a show called “Food Paradise”, which picks a favorite kind of food and visits the places that do it the best.  They were getting ready to do an episode on bacon, and purely by word of mouth, they found out about our Bacon & Beer Happy Hour.  Would we do it all over again for the benefit of their cameras?  You bet we would!

If you’ll be in or near Baltimore today, join the party anytime after 5:00 p.m.  The guest chefs from our last two Bacon & Beer Happy Hours will be teaming up to dish out the best items from each of their past menus, plus some fantastic new creations.  The bar will be serving up anything you want to drink (even if you’re not in the mood for a bacon cocktail).

Click here for the Facebook event page for tonight’s shindig.

UPDATE: The Baltimore Sun‘s nightlife blog, Midnight Sun, has posted the menu for tonight’s Bacon & Beer Happy Hour.

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