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The Ladies of Bacon

Here at the Ministry of Bacon, we strive not only to promote and appreciate bacon itself, but also to recognize those who show a true devotion the “the candy of meats”. One thing we’ve noticed is that although many of the biggest bacon celebrities on the Internet are male, there are a lot of women who are equally as passionate about bacon (and sometimes more), but who don’t get the same share of the limelight.

We think it’s time to change that.

To be clear, we’re not simply looking for every woman who loves bacon; that would number in the billions. Rather, we’re looking for those who show a true passion, a fierce fanaticism, a definite devotion to bacon and all that it can do. If you fit this description and are prepared to make your case, we’d love to feature you, and the first step is to let us know who you are in the fields below.

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